Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asian Restaurant Experience in EDSA, Mandaluyong City

Before summer class ends, we were instructed to dine in an Asian restaurant in replace of our hotel restaurant tour for our final requirement in Asian Cuisine subject. Our group decided to eat at Dads EDSA branch which includes 3 great buffets: Dads for Western fare, Kamayan for authentic Pinoy dishes and Saisaki for Japanese cuisines.

our group

We got there at exactly 11 am and started reserving for 5 seats. Lunchtime buffet is only served from 11 am to 2:30 pm so it was agreeable that we came on time. The buffet prices are: P565 for monday to thursday lunch, P665 for monday to friday dinner and P695 for weekend lunch or dinner. A bottomless drink which comes with a free stuff toy costs P180. The price is actually worth it because you will be spoiled with sumptuous foods plus a perfect ambiance and well-trained staff. This eat-all-you-can restaurant has rules of eating like no food sharing and no left overs, so just get sufficient amount of food because you can always go back and grab any food you want as long as you can.

salad bar

The restaurant has two kinds of plate: white for the crossover buffet and green for saisaki only which is way cheaper. We first went to the salad bar and got sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese cubes and oranges with caesar salad as its dressing. After the salad, our appetite really ramped up so we proceeded right after to dads specialties like carbonara pasta, paella and roast turkey and Japanese cuisines like miso soup, ebi, kani, kisu, ika tempuras, sashimi, different sushi rolls, yakimono, dumplings. With over 200 buffet choices, it is really hard to choose what to take and eat.





sushi bar

I didn't order for a juice but only water so I can maximize my eat-all-you-can experience. Miso soup is a good appetizer because the hot temperature and very blunt taste prepared our stomach for pigging out, hehe. The carbonara pasta topped with parmesan cheese was very tasty and properly cooked. The roast turkey was so tender and flavorful but dry. I guess, you would really find hard time in cooking turkey. I liked the fried tempuras because those are my favorites especially the prawn. Fatty foods cause disgusting tastes if you eat successively so be sure to eat only 2 to 3 servings at a time. The chilled california maki rolls were so yummy and uplifting and the mango inside had the most superior taste. There were also artistically presented sushi rolls with twists of strawberry syrup, chocolate and even candy sprinkles. They named their rolls as pretty in pink, godzilla rolls, volcano rolls, four seasons rolls and black forest rolls. The yakimonos which are skewered meats grilled over a hot fire had no additional flavors and sauces but tasted good somehow. For me, it is the best partner for party drinks.

Next, we moved to Kamayan section which offers local Pinoy dishes and meryendas. We took lavish servings of fried foods such as crispy chicken, lechon de leche, crispy pata and rellenong bangus. On a side, we had green mango salad with bagoong to remove the greasiness in every ingestion. We also tried to have a seafood feast of prawns, crabs, clams, mussels and squids cooked in rich coconut milk. The native cuisines like estofado, caldereta, kare-kare and sinigang are also served there but we didn't attempt to take some since those are staple dishes in every Pinoy household.

a serenade was performed while we're eating

lechon de leche

fried foods

The crispy chicken and crispy pata really withstood its names since both were really crispy and had a sweet flavor. Kamayan has become consistent in offering young pork lechon or lechon de leche which is normally 3 to 4 ft in length, that is why the meat is always soft and juicy. Their version of rellenong bangus that has been a traditional dish in town feasts was quite tasteful maybe because I'm not a fan of this food at all. I can certainly identify the ingredients inside the fish like carrots, green peas, tomatoes and raisins. The seafoods were so palatable, seemed fresh and medium cooked. Another tip to maximize your money's worth is to get abundant portions of seafood since those are expensive and has lesser extenders. But as a health advice, seldom eat seafood because they are high in saturated fats or cholesterol, hehe.

roast turkey

For our 3rd plate, we took everything we wanted in all 3 restaurants. I got one lumpiang ubod and some sushi rolls for one last time. Some of the dishes were lasagna which was so meaty and had luscious cheese on top, roast beef and leg of lamb, ham, kebab, barbecue beef ribs, lengua, callos, chicken souviaki, marinated squids in garlic, buttered vegetables, seafood and vegetable chowder, nachos, ( dinakdakan, crispy kangkong, fried alimasag, crispy squids for appetizer ), pork mignonettes, pancit bihon and canton, laing and pakbet, tonkatsu, ebi furai, ebi gyoza, various teppanyaki which are steak recipes, sukiyaki, and a lot more. Its really difficult to remember all the names of dishes unless you are a food expert or genius, so I just noted those in my cellphone.



overflowing halo-halo

The last course we had was the dessert. We grabbed some chocolate cakes, black forest, crepes, creme puffs, chocolate mousse and chocolate fondue. Our dessert almost became a chocolate party so the disgusting tastes of foods we had eaten was displaced with sweetness. Kamayan also offers famous Pinoy desserts such as sapin-sapin, palitaw, puto bumbong, bibingka, creamy buco pandan, mixed fresh fruits and halo-halo. To totally savor the halo-halo, I took 2 overflowing glasses of it and I received the contentment I was looking for. All in all, the Dads ultimate buffet branch in EDSA is way better than its branch in Megamall because the look and feel of the place is arresting and clean. The waiters and crew are friendly and approachable. Moreover, the food presentation is elegant and its proper temperature is maintained.

You will never regret spending money for a great dining experience. :)

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