Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Ocular Tour to Estuar Farm Resort in Binangonan, Rizal

To conform with our client's requests and concept, one factor which needs to be considered is the venue. In our upcoming wedding events, we will furnish special and distinctive arrangements on the setup and even the runway of the couple. We need to go through the venue to make a preplanning of the outline. Plus, it will help us in choosing the most suitable position of tables (couple table, buffet table, guest's tables, or even the stage) and booths (if any) which can be suggested to the contracting party.

Several hours ago, I went to Estuar Farm Resort in Binangonan, Rizal for an ocular tour. This lovely resort will be the wedding reception of our May 1 catering. 

To go there, I rode a jeepney with a route to Binangonan Hi-way, then alighted at San Carlos Heights gate 2 (in front of Sacred Heart Parish), Brgy. Tayuman, Binangonan. I rode a tricycle straight to the gate of the farm resort and paid 20 pesos. Although I got tired for climbing up the steep slope, the forest view surrounding it replenished me. I saw trees of different kinds such as mabolo and mango trees and heard even the gecko (tuko) sound which was amazing. 

gate of the resort

elevated slope

When I reached the top, I informed the caretaker that I will just have a tour around the whole place and introduced myself as the caterer for the May 1 wedding event there. Well, I found it nice and heavenly since it is situated in a part of a mountain. This private resort has a rectangle shaped pool with the overlooking views of Laguna de Bay and Manila, 2 airconditioned pavilions which can accommodate up to 50 persons, 2 open-air pavilion which can accommodate 50 persons too and nipa hut cottages. 

private pool

open-air pavilion

open-air pavilion
airconditioned pavilion

the other airconditioned pavilion

bar area

As to my evaluation for the would-be setup on May 1 event, the bar area (shown above) will be used as it is. The other half can also be used as a kitchen for other food preparations. The couple table will be placed in one of the airconditioned pavilions together with the presidential tables of principal and secondary sponsors. The other pavilion will be reserved for the entourage and other important persons or relatives of the married couple. Other guests will have their seats at the open-air pavilions. 

The chosen motifs were aqua blue and hot pink which favor the color of the swimming pool water. The entire venue will be dressed with bright and glossy blue and pink linens and decorated with adorable flowers and centerpieces. By 4 pm, the program will start and the natural light from the sun will make the atmosphere conducive to romance. The cool breeze is ideal for the guests in the open-air pavilions. I will bring a camera on the event proper to have photographic shots and blog about the occasion. 

While I was looking over the striking scene on the terrace, I took a shot of the sunset which was so stunning. I took a deep breath and felt relaxed. I promised to spend some time there with my family or maybe friends and unwind. It was about 6 pm when I said goodbye to the caretaker before I left.


Appreciating the beauty and essence of nature is not enough, you should be one with it.