Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Catered Event in UP Diliman

Yesterday or let's just say few hours ago, we catered an event in UP Diliman, College of Civil Engineering. It was a graduation dinner for the graduates of batch 2007 civil engineering students.

In transport, we usually have two batches; the first one which moves commonly five to six hours earlier than the event time and the second batch which leaves three to four hours after the first batch . I belong to the first batch because waiters should have ample time for shaping the setup.

I woke up at 7:30 am, checked all materials to bring and lay back to bed lazily. When I woke up at 10:30 pm, I had my meal and shower and we left at about 12 pm with the equipment, dishwares, beverage glasses and other stuff needed for the initial preparation. The travel time was only an hour because there was no traffic. When we got there, we fetched down all the things from the van and started to work.

basketball court as the venue

tables and chairs

We did the setup hastily which includes the ribboning of bow accents and putting table top cloths, etc. I perspired intensely as if I got wet in the rain due to the hot weather so I opted to finish it earlier. Wew, the weather now is extremely different. The food coming from the second batch arrived at 4:30 pm. Together with the other waiters, I took my early dinner which was a styro-packed food, also cooked by my mom. While she was doing the reheating processes, I went to the men's room to fix myself and get dressed with my uniform.

finished setup ( budget package )

my meryenda

early dinner ( adobong baboy )

When I got back, I prepared my station - bar station. Before my job was also an actual waiter who serves drinks through bar trays to each guests table but not after an accident that caused me phobia in balancing eight or more glasses in a tray, so I shifted for an easier task. Who says that it's not easy if you are just filling drinks to pitchers, putting some ice and transfer it to glasses?

me in my waiter uniform

my station

buffet table centerpiece

Their event time should have started at 6 pm but they all came late so it began at 7 pm. I was in the midst of filling some glasses with water when a student came and asked if those are clean and available. It was annoying to be asked because he had seen that those were newly filled up. Still, I responded humbly.

Beside our bar station was the "the bar" station, as in the real the bar (the bar vodka, tequila). It was one of the sponsors of the event. We, the waiters asked for a pitcher of the vodka mix they made. They freely gave us one but we kept that first because we can't drink during working hours.

When the program was about to close, we had our photo taken from the photo booth. Our waiters always get a remembrance copy from a photo booth of our catered events, even weddings or debut. Without a shame, I joined them even though I was in my waiter attire. I'm glad to share that shot with you, hehe.

the photobooth shot, hehe

The party finished at around 8:30 pm. As usual, we did the egress as fast and efficient as we could. We came home at 11 pm and I felt a back pain for lifting heavy equipment and catering utensils. I decided to drink a coffee and had a late dinner to regain strength. After that, I committed to share another blog before I sleep.

Time to sleep now for tomorrow is another catering day, I mean several hours from now. WEW! :))

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