Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer for Vacation? not really

Who says that summer is intended for a month-long vacation? Because in my case, I don't agree. For a family who runs a business, it requires the cooperation of all members for its prolificity and I'm a part of it. Our would-be vacation is replaced by different errands related to catering so there will be no time for me be in the beach and walk under the heat of the sun.

My mom told me one time, "hindi nga yata tayo makakapag-swimming ngayon e", because as what I know, we are fully booked for the month of April and May. During weekdays, we work out our clients' requests and I suggest to my mom fresh ideas conducive to their concept from choosing the right centerpieces down to the kinds of skirting pleats.

Although it is upsetting to be here all day and work with our business, I just make fun out of it especially when I   act as a waiter in a catered event. The guests are mostly friendly and sometimes crack jokes to you so you it would be easier to perform your job. And even though we will not be exploring some resorts this summer, I feel like I'm already travelling because I meet different people from distant places. It's a good experience to finally know the person that you have met before. I wish that someday there would be chances that it will happen.

From my holy week vacation in Binangonan, Rizal last Sunday, I hurriedly went home to fix myself because we will cater a wedding occasion in a resort in Antipolo. On our way there, I fell asleep because I had a lack of rest since I attended the salubong earlier and when I woke up, we were already there, nice hehe. We carried down the catering utensils and equipment and started making the desired setup.

our setup last sunday

couple table

The event started at 5 pm and finished at 8 pm and by that time, we did our closing procedures to go home early but ironically, we got home about 10 pm.

The next day, all linens and cloths used were laundered and the utensils were returned to their proper storage areas. I woke up late that day and contributed nothing. On the next day, I exerted some effort and managed the folding and keeping of linens and even the centerpieces. You need to count all of the ribbon accents, table napkins, table cloths, table tops, and others to check if there are losses or damages so I can record it in my inventory list.

bottom to top: tall glass vases, pitchers, tissue holders, cotton balls, tooth picks, etc.

centerpieces used last Sunday

royal blue linens

full length table cloths

white table napkins

silver cloths used last Sunday

table numbers

I arranged all of them in their proper places and after every use, I will always be the one who should return them again. I have no other choice but to do this repeatedly although it's boring. On Thursday I will go to Manila to buy something for catering and look for a new supplier. Sabi ko na sayo, this summer will give me time to travel and check some things out there but in Manila only, hehe.

On Friday, we will cater a certain departmental event in UP Diliman and if I will have an extra time, I will take some photos so I can blog it here and on saturday, we will cater an occasion; its either a wedding or a baptism, I'm not sure but I'll confirm this later.

 I will drink a half bottle of Barley to have a reliable endurance for this two consecutive catering dates. :))