Monday, April 23, 2012

Da Kubo, A Venue For All Occasion

It's been 4 days since the last time I blogged but now,  I'm finally home. Its just that, I've been busy these past few days because of work and summer class. We have guaranteed bookings until the month of June, I think, so my weekends will be devoted for catering. And just to be clear, a summer class doesn't necessarily mean subject retake because in my case, it's for advancement :).

As what I told you in my previous blog, I was not able to check the venue, Da Kubo in Angono because the caretaker didn't come. So, mom just described the place to me because she had been there already.

The Christian wedding event happened last Saturday. At exactly 9:30 am, we arrived at the place. After we carried down all the stuff, I observed the venue and gave it a good rating. Although it looks old,  it's grand and I admired the huge victorian fountain ( 17 or 18 ft., I think ) there which adds attribute to place.

the tall fountain

We positioned the tables and chairs under the tents. For 140 guests, we had a setup of 15 round tables, 2 presidential tables and of course, the couple table. Other tables were also provided like gift and cake tables. I knew that we came late and everything should be polished by 2:30 - 3 pm so I hustled in doing my tasks. I didn't permit the blistering weather to break me up so I drank plenty of cold water. To finish on time, I skipped my lunch although I was very hungry. When the other waiters called me to eat, I nodded but still didn't eat.

couple table

The ceremony and reception were held in the same place so the guests came early. Due to our persistence, we completed the arrangement on the expected time. We already transformed ourselves into uniformed waiters even before the wedding march. On my way to the toilet, I saw a swimming pool which was glittering under the sun's heat. I felt like I wanted to bath and swim there to freshen up but it was impossible. :)

peanut shaped pool

When the program began, we filled the goblets with cold water to ease the hot weather. They consumed 3 and a half gallons of water because of repeated thirstiness. I was in the bar station so I saw their reactions while they were calling us for water refill. XD. At the middle part of the ceremony, we tried the photo booth and we were the first and lucky ones. I scanned the original copy to have one.

The ceremony lasted for about an hour. When the sponsors' signing of contract was about to finish, I promptly prepared the drinks for fast serving. It was about 6 pm when the dinner started. They were in bottomless drinks so I expected a higher demand. I didn't bother because I mixed enough. It was just funny because some of them even asked for a drink refill 5 times. :))

The event ended through the gratifying words of the couple. That was the moment when we started dishing out. We finished the egress for an hour and got home at 10 pm. I didn't eat because I already lost my appetite so I just lay on my bed.

I never get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I just love what I'm doing.

Early at Divisoria

I woke up yesterday at 5:30 am because I will accompany my mom in going to Divisoria. After my shower, I drank my black coffee and ate some pandesal. We almost spent an hour waiting for a vacant jeepney bound for Cubao because there were many passengers waiting too. When we finally reached the LRT2 Santolan station, I saw the long lines of passengers from the overpass. It was so ridiculous that I waited so long on a line for security inspection intended for those with baggage even though the line for those without bags seemed shorter. A technical problem occurred earlier which caused a delay in operation so there was a mass of passengers. I didn't take a photo of the crowd because some of them were even hopping mad because of the disorganized ticketing system.

The train we rode was crammed with passengers, I mean, we were packed like sardines. There were also technical errors and interruptions in our travel. I heard a woman in my back grouching about the delay because she will be late in her job. When we alighted at Recto station, we ate in a food kiosk and then headed to Divisoria via jeepney.

sorry for the poor quality, I only took the photos from a cellphone camera.

Mom goes there twice a month to find great buys and suki as well. We just followed her because she already knew the route. The building we entered before Divisoria mall is the linens and garments section. You can see different kinds and colors of fabric such as silks and cottons and the price is going to be per yard measurement. I guess, Taytay, Rizal is still the garment capital of the country because it is cheaper there and the cost depends on a per kilo basis.

we just followed ma

our suki 

When we saw the store, mom ordered what was noted in her list. The owner even complimented that we looked like just siblings. Mom told the owner that we will just come back later to pay and pick it up because we will look for something else in the marketplace. But Nanay favored mom to pay in advance so they can have a "buena mano" and that was what she willingly did.

We explored the linen stores outside of the building. We looked for Gothic-designed linens which were not available in our suki's store. It was so hot that time that my sweat looked like raindrops and the handkerchief was not enough to absorb it all. Wew, it was really stressing.

more fabric stores outside the building

As we walk through the stores, I saw pounds of garbages dumped in the aisle and I actually don't know when it will be removed. It smelled so bad due to rotten foods, plastics and other wastes generated by stores.

We ordered for the designed linen in a certain store. When we were sitting, mom had some conversations with the sellers there. She asked about how long they work in a day and if their meals are free. The seller also revealed that their wages are given yearly but of course they get cash in advance. After paying, we returned to our suki to double check and get the linens. The daughter of our suki asked for my mom's number because she is planning to have a catering for her upcoming wedding this September. She was actually hesitating because of her tight budget but mom showed her suggestive selling techniques.

they have this big calculator,

It was already 12:30 pm when we got inside the train. I knew that I will going to be late in my 1 pm summer class so I was praying for a miracle. But still there were minor delays due to system errors, so I got annoyed. It seemed like it was not permitting me to attend my class. I went straight to school without a shower and without a lunch intake and I missed the quiz, hehe.

You would bear everything, just to buy that low-priced item you wished for.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Enjoyable Tuesday Night

After the ocular tour in Estuar Farm Resort, I headed straight to another wedding reception which is "Da Kubo". When I got there, I waited with anticipation about the facilities inside. Unfortunately, the caretaker didn't come so I wasn't able to check the place. When there was nothing to do, I together with my friend went to our fave casual dining restaurant, the lately established Shakey's branch (beside Chic-Boy) in Ortigas Extension, Cainta. It was good because we were both hungry when I thought it.

When we got there, our favorite table was unavailable so we looked for another one. Even though the menu was presented, we already knew what to order. Me, I always go for bunch of lunch without a drink but only water. My all-time favorite Shakey's combo which comes with a chicken, slice of pizza, spaghetti pasta, mojos and garlic bread is so inexpensive. If you order that, you would almost savor all of their specialties like pizza, pasta and chicken. It's not satiating at all since it has no rice but you will really enjoy its unique flavor and taste.

the store
We waited only about 5 minutes for our bunch of lunch and a salad, chicken n' pizza. When I saw that the chicken part was wing, I asked her if she could change it to thigh part since it's my fave part. I was lucky because it was changed to thigh. :)

Bunch of Lunch

After serving, we started to eat. All I can say is that their fried chicken has been consistently flavorful, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The hawaiian pizza was baked with less oil and the dough was very chewy. Usually, we order a desert - banana peach surprise which is similar to banana split, but we decided not to eat too much because we will have some frappuccino later. I also recommend to you that delectable banana peach surprise, which is good for 2-3 persons. It includes 5 scoops of ice cream with banana and peach slices.

feedback form

I received a feedback form to be filled up. Since I always find satisfaction with my every visit to Shakey's, I gave them the highest ratings. I received what I paid for and the neatness in the store is regularly maintained so I gave them the rate of 10.

Next, we went to Starbucks in SM Taytay. I ordered for a mocha frappucino which has been my favorite frappuccino blended beverage ever since. This addictive flavor is recommendable to all because the bitterness and sweetness are mildly intertwined. We just stayed there for a while to relax while sipping our cold drinks.

It was about 10 pm when we planned to go home. I had another enjoyable day today, worry-free and happy-go-lucky. But of course, work comes after leisure. Tomorrow, or let's just say few hours from now, I will be tasked with a pile of duties. And to have a balanced life, there should always be work and rest.
I will accompany my mom in going to Divisoria tomorrow because she will buy a lot of linens for sure so I gotta sleep now. hehe

A coffee time is meant for humorous moments and story telling.  :)

An Ocular Tour to Estuar Farm Resort in Binangonan, Rizal

To conform with our client's requests and concept, one factor which needs to be considered is the venue. In our upcoming wedding events, we will furnish special and distinctive arrangements on the setup and even the runway of the couple. We need to go through the venue to make a preplanning of the outline. Plus, it will help us in choosing the most suitable position of tables (couple table, buffet table, guest's tables, or even the stage) and booths (if any) which can be suggested to the contracting party.

Several hours ago, I went to Estuar Farm Resort in Binangonan, Rizal for an ocular tour. This lovely resort will be the wedding reception of our May 1 catering. 

To go there, I rode a jeepney with a route to Binangonan Hi-way, then alighted at San Carlos Heights gate 2 (in front of Sacred Heart Parish), Brgy. Tayuman, Binangonan. I rode a tricycle straight to the gate of the farm resort and paid 20 pesos. Although I got tired for climbing up the steep slope, the forest view surrounding it replenished me. I saw trees of different kinds such as mabolo and mango trees and heard even the gecko (tuko) sound which was amazing. 

gate of the resort

elevated slope

When I reached the top, I informed the caretaker that I will just have a tour around the whole place and introduced myself as the caterer for the May 1 wedding event there. Well, I found it nice and heavenly since it is situated in a part of a mountain. This private resort has a rectangle shaped pool with the overlooking views of Laguna de Bay and Manila, 2 airconditioned pavilions which can accommodate up to 50 persons, 2 open-air pavilion which can accommodate 50 persons too and nipa hut cottages. 

private pool

open-air pavilion

open-air pavilion
airconditioned pavilion

the other airconditioned pavilion

bar area

As to my evaluation for the would-be setup on May 1 event, the bar area (shown above) will be used as it is. The other half can also be used as a kitchen for other food preparations. The couple table will be placed in one of the airconditioned pavilions together with the presidential tables of principal and secondary sponsors. The other pavilion will be reserved for the entourage and other important persons or relatives of the married couple. Other guests will have their seats at the open-air pavilions. 

The chosen motifs were aqua blue and hot pink which favor the color of the swimming pool water. The entire venue will be dressed with bright and glossy blue and pink linens and decorated with adorable flowers and centerpieces. By 4 pm, the program will start and the natural light from the sun will make the atmosphere conducive to romance. The cool breeze is ideal for the guests in the open-air pavilions. I will bring a camera on the event proper to have photographic shots and blog about the occasion. 

While I was looking over the striking scene on the terrace, I took a shot of the sunset which was so stunning. I took a deep breath and felt relaxed. I promised to spend some time there with my family or maybe friends and unwind. It was about 6 pm when I said goodbye to the caretaker before I left.


Appreciating the beauty and essence of nature is not enough, you should be one with it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kulitan Time with Ralf, My Younger Brother

I was sleeping this morning when Ralf, our 3 and a half year old bunso yelled at me just to tell something unimportant. Mama and I will go to Megamall, as what he said and because I was still burned out due to yesterday's catering event, I didn't find interest to join. I asked what he will do there and he replied that he will play and buy something. I jokingly said if he will take me along because I wanna go out too but he refused, so I greatly tickled him, hehe.

Before they left, Ralf woke me up again just to say bye bye. He becomes excited always when going to malls as if it's his first time ever. You should also manage your words to him and make it happen like buying him toy cars or going to SM, because he is good in remembering promises and easily gets tantrums. Everytime we're in the mall, he used to desire for a new toy car even though he has quantities of that at home. Sometimes, we just ridiculously present some things to him just to take his attentiveness away from toys. When we are in world of fun or in any amusement establishment, we play in basketball and car racing machines and I'm telling you, he is good in maneuvering the steering wheel even though he is just a 3 year old kid. What's funny also is that he used to play in bigger basketball machines which are intended for adults rather than in smaller ones, hehe.

When he was just a toddler practicing with his walker, he had an accident. He fell from it and stumbled to the ground. I got blamed because I had watched TV instead of supervising him. Specially mom, she was bad-tempered and acted so crazy. Miraculously, he had no serious injuries other than a bump, maybe because it was Good Friday when it happened.

He has been hospitalized two times because of urinary track infection. A diaper was also wrapped around his dextrose injection to be secured from being removed. He found it difficult to thumbsuck with his right hand because the dextrose was injected there. When he was discharged, he promised to piss regularly but until now, sometimes, he still resists from urinating, hehe.

I had my lunch with ate when I woke up at past 2 in the afternoon. After washing the plates, I lay back to bed just to relax. It was almost 5 pm when mom and Ralf came from Megamall. I easily went down to see and tickle him again. He looks so cute especially when he is calling from a far. I saw with him a sticko wafer sticks pack and a piatos. I didn't stop hugging him for about a minute because I felt to be addicted with his baby smell, so his laugh was so extensive.

me and Ralf

As a part of his everyday routine, he asked mom if they can go around our street and accompany him while biking. Every morning and late afternoon, he goes around our street with his bike or car and mingles with  other kids in our subdivision so his skin gets darker and darker.

When they got back, we prepared for the dinner. Ralf lay down on the sofa to have his thumbsuck for awhile but when we called him to eat, he was already sleeping.

Tomorrow for sure is another day to him for an energetic and playful approach./

House Blessing in Grand Monaco Heights, Taytay

As what I said in my recent blog, we will cater another informal event after a catered dinner in UP and it just happened yesterday. When I woke up at 9:30 am, I readily prepared all the stuff concerning the house blessing catering event in Grand Monaco Heights in Taytay. After that, I had my early lunch and shower as I always do and packed my personal things. We left at about 12 noon and lifted down all the equipment upon arriving in the pavilion.

I took a shot of these units in Grand Monaco

We primarily did the setup of tables and chairs and put the seat covers and floor-length cloths. Since their chosen motif was blue, we brought our blue linens for tops, ribbons and buffet table. The weather was totally hot when we were working with the setup and I thanked our jag of cold water for saving us from dehydration, hehe. Actually, the catering was dedicated for 100 guests only so we finished the preparation on time.

Pavilion in Grand Monaco

table skirting

working under the direct heat of the sun, wew

When we were about to complete the arrangement, we decided to have our lunch to regain energy. My meal was rice with fried hotdogs and a plain cold water again, hehe. With full force, we added our finishing touches to the over-all design and waited for the second batch, i mean the food.

I took a shot of my reflection from the mirror

my late lunch

elegant buffet table

When the second batch came, I went to the toilet to wear my uniform and get fixed. We also tried to cover up one side of the pavilion to keep sun's heat away from the buffet table. After a cue that the food was ready for the guests, the early dinner started and I made red ice tea mix for their beverage. Because they were in bottomless drinks, we automatically refilled half empty glasses. Some of them even refused for a drink refill because they were already full after drinking so much. If I'm going to have a conclusion, the average number of glasses a person drinks in an event is at least 3. That idea is not applicable to me since I used to randomly taste the flavor in pitchers to know the consistency.

We had our late dinner one by one at about 8 pm and when they were only few remaining guests on the tables. I totally savored my food because it was so yummy especially the pork caldereta, so tender. Moreover, I heard many good comments regarding the food and all that stuff and mom said that there were many guests who took our calling cards.

All guests had left when we began the egress and other closing procedures. Since the contracting party had less than 100 people, we gave the excess food ( viands, deserts - leche flan and buco pandan and even the rice ) to them because they paid for it.

Do you know what's the best thing to receive after every cater? It's the customer's satisfaction. For me personally, I feel relieved from aches when I see how delighted our client is. It is also a good indication that she would seek us again for another catering service.

our satisfied client

Income from business is worthless without customer satisfaction. :))

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Catered Event in UP Diliman

Yesterday or let's just say few hours ago, we catered an event in UP Diliman, College of Civil Engineering. It was a graduation dinner for the graduates of batch 2007 civil engineering students.

In transport, we usually have two batches; the first one which moves commonly five to six hours earlier than the event time and the second batch which leaves three to four hours after the first batch . I belong to the first batch because waiters should have ample time for shaping the setup.

I woke up at 7:30 am, checked all materials to bring and lay back to bed lazily. When I woke up at 10:30 pm, I had my meal and shower and we left at about 12 pm with the equipment, dishwares, beverage glasses and other stuff needed for the initial preparation. The travel time was only an hour because there was no traffic. When we got there, we fetched down all the things from the van and started to work.

basketball court as the venue

tables and chairs

We did the setup hastily which includes the ribboning of bow accents and putting table top cloths, etc. I perspired intensely as if I got wet in the rain due to the hot weather so I opted to finish it earlier. Wew, the weather now is extremely different. The food coming from the second batch arrived at 4:30 pm. Together with the other waiters, I took my early dinner which was a styro-packed food, also cooked by my mom. While she was doing the reheating processes, I went to the men's room to fix myself and get dressed with my uniform.

finished setup ( budget package )

my meryenda

early dinner ( adobong baboy )

When I got back, I prepared my station - bar station. Before my job was also an actual waiter who serves drinks through bar trays to each guests table but not after an accident that caused me phobia in balancing eight or more glasses in a tray, so I shifted for an easier task. Who says that it's not easy if you are just filling drinks to pitchers, putting some ice and transfer it to glasses?

me in my waiter uniform

my station

buffet table centerpiece

Their event time should have started at 6 pm but they all came late so it began at 7 pm. I was in the midst of filling some glasses with water when a student came and asked if those are clean and available. It was annoying to be asked because he had seen that those were newly filled up. Still, I responded humbly.

Beside our bar station was the "the bar" station, as in the real the bar (the bar vodka, tequila). It was one of the sponsors of the event. We, the waiters asked for a pitcher of the vodka mix they made. They freely gave us one but we kept that first because we can't drink during working hours.

When the program was about to close, we had our photo taken from the photo booth. Our waiters always get a remembrance copy from a photo booth of our catered events, even weddings or debut. Without a shame, I joined them even though I was in my waiter attire. I'm glad to share that shot with you, hehe.

the photobooth shot, hehe

The party finished at around 8:30 pm. As usual, we did the egress as fast and efficient as we could. We came home at 11 pm and I felt a back pain for lifting heavy equipment and catering utensils. I decided to drink a coffee and had a late dinner to regain strength. After that, I committed to share another blog before I sleep.

Time to sleep now for tomorrow is another catering day, I mean several hours from now. WEW! :))