Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Glance at Quiapo, Manila

Yesterday, 4 in the afternoon I went out to Manila because I was tasked to buy an equipment for catering - a balloon compressor and to buy flowers from our favorite shop in Dangwa. It was still hot that time so I decided to take a bus ride although I already expected for a one and a half hour trip. I took a photo from the center aisle when I was riding the bus and a certain post caught my attention.


It was about 6 pm when I arrived at Quiapo so the store in Raon where I should have bought it was already closed. It was frustrating to wait in the bus for almost two hours and find out that the store is closed, nevertheless I still found time to enjoy the place when I visited and entered the Black Nazarene Cathedral.
But before coming there, I walked in the underpass and discovered a market of different merchandises. I didn't expect that the passage is occupied by vendors too. They sell slippers, hair combs, electric mosquito killers which are very popular, cellphone accessories, second hand cellphones and many more.

the market down under

I was about to go inside the church when I saw a Black Nazarene replica beside the church's door. I didn't waste the chance to take a photo especially when I noticed their actions towards it.

One by one, they wiped their towels in the face, hands and even its tunic ( yung damit mismo ). While they were uttering their prayers, their hands were grasping the replica. This is so alarming because idolatry has been passed on. Idolatry is a form of fanaticism where a devotee venerates an image, specifically speaking, a wooden statue and treats it as his God.

I remembered our accomplished research paper when I was studying in Intramuros. Our thesis was about the fanaticism of Filipino devotees. We defended our claim because we had presented photos similar to this.
We also had video interviews with two priests and some Catholics devoted to the church and came up with our main conclusion. Our professor was satisfied with our facts and evidences.

It would have been nice to have a souvenir photo of the original image of the Black Nazarene but I was informed that picture taking is prohibited inside the Cathedral. I entered with the camera inside my bag and had a sign of the cross. From a far, I took a photo of the original patron and the whole parish which was so magnificent in my shot since the spotlights were turned on.

Black Nazarene Basilica

Quiapo Church, one of the ten famous old churches in the Philippines.
It's good to attend mass there. :)


  1. heheh la aqng msv gnda hehe

  2. it seems you had a great exploring the famous quipo...especially the underpass market! hahaha

  3. i mean great time