Sunday, April 15, 2012

House Blessing in Grand Monaco Heights, Taytay

As what I said in my recent blog, we will cater another informal event after a catered dinner in UP and it just happened yesterday. When I woke up at 9:30 am, I readily prepared all the stuff concerning the house blessing catering event in Grand Monaco Heights in Taytay. After that, I had my early lunch and shower as I always do and packed my personal things. We left at about 12 noon and lifted down all the equipment upon arriving in the pavilion.

I took a shot of these units in Grand Monaco

We primarily did the setup of tables and chairs and put the seat covers and floor-length cloths. Since their chosen motif was blue, we brought our blue linens for tops, ribbons and buffet table. The weather was totally hot when we were working with the setup and I thanked our jag of cold water for saving us from dehydration, hehe. Actually, the catering was dedicated for 100 guests only so we finished the preparation on time.

Pavilion in Grand Monaco

table skirting

working under the direct heat of the sun, wew

When we were about to complete the arrangement, we decided to have our lunch to regain energy. My meal was rice with fried hotdogs and a plain cold water again, hehe. With full force, we added our finishing touches to the over-all design and waited for the second batch, i mean the food.

I took a shot of my reflection from the mirror

my late lunch

elegant buffet table

When the second batch came, I went to the toilet to wear my uniform and get fixed. We also tried to cover up one side of the pavilion to keep sun's heat away from the buffet table. After a cue that the food was ready for the guests, the early dinner started and I made red ice tea mix for their beverage. Because they were in bottomless drinks, we automatically refilled half empty glasses. Some of them even refused for a drink refill because they were already full after drinking so much. If I'm going to have a conclusion, the average number of glasses a person drinks in an event is at least 3. That idea is not applicable to me since I used to randomly taste the flavor in pitchers to know the consistency.

We had our late dinner one by one at about 8 pm and when they were only few remaining guests on the tables. I totally savored my food because it was so yummy especially the pork caldereta, so tender. Moreover, I heard many good comments regarding the food and all that stuff and mom said that there were many guests who took our calling cards.

All guests had left when we began the egress and other closing procedures. Since the contracting party had less than 100 people, we gave the excess food ( viands, deserts - leche flan and buco pandan and even the rice ) to them because they paid for it.

Do you know what's the best thing to receive after every cater? It's the customer's satisfaction. For me personally, I feel relieved from aches when I see how delighted our client is. It is also a good indication that she would seek us again for another catering service.

our satisfied client

Income from business is worthless without customer satisfaction. :))

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