Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Visit in Dangwa - Sampaloc, Manila

From Quiapo, Manila, about past 6 in the evening, I headed straight to Dangwa to buy what was instructed me by my mom. I rode a blumentritt-dimasalang jeepney and alighted at Dangwa. I had to find the "May flowers and accessories" stall because we used to buy from her ever since. Because it was my first time to go there, it became difficult to find that shop. I had almost wandered the whole place before I found it. 

May flowers and accessories

With a certain budget, I was asked to buy two dozens of white flowers, some leaves and foams so I started asking the prices of different flowers. The prices of all white flowers per dozen is 120 but it can be changed depending on the season and the supply of flowers. As what my mom told me, flowers are mostly expensive during holy week, the month of February and Christmas. I wasted no time and I instantly bought two dozens of white figies so I can go home.

white figies, 120 per dozen

These flowers were newly delivered so you can see its vibrant colors and firmness. In fact, the vendor suggested me to buy the old stocks of flowers which are cheaper, also half or greater the price of those newly delivered. But for me if you will buy those old ones, although it's cheaper, the setup will be compromised because the flowers for centerpieces are withered. It can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

old stocks of malaysian mums for P40 per dozen

old white malaysian mums for P40 or even P35 per dozen. 

All in all, I bought 5 pieces of foams which is 20 per piece, 2 dozens of figies, some pakwa leaves and 1 dozen of statis which is P40. I humorously asked if I can get a discount since we have been a regular customer to them but he refused to. Prices should indeed be negotiable so customers can tell their budget. After there, I took the extra time to roam around and find a stall cheaper  and with better varieties from where we buy and make as our new supplier. It was not disappointing to spot cheaper stores along the way. I randomly asked stores which sell callalilies and I came upon the cheapest - P25 per dozen. I still remembered that stall but I forgot to get her contact numbers for future orders.

Actually it is annoying to walk all around Dangwa because some of them might follow you and nag you until you say yes for them. Like what I have experienced a while ago, I was followed everywhere i go. 

one of the stalls in Dangwa

Before I went home, I saw a stall which sells red roses, many roses. When I asked the woman, she said to give it for P50 for 2 dozens, meaning P25 each and it was so inexpensive for we knew that in city flower shops, a stem of rose costs P30. If I get there again, I will ask for her contact number so I know now where to order red lovely roses for Valentines day, hehe. What will I do is to order in advance, maybe a week before the heart's month so the price is not that high and request for a special bouquet arrangement, practical, isn't it?

bed of roses, hehe

GREENERIES, price ranges from P10 - P100 per dozen or piece depending on the kind

Dangwa Flower Market, name gotten from the Dangwa Bus Terminal right beside it.


  1. ...i agree! after going to dangwa, you'll get severe headache because of the scrutinizing vendors who keeps on pushing sharp sales talk! my last was so irritating XD

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