Friday, May 4, 2012

A Crossover Buffet Treat at Dads, Sm Megamall

A year ago, my aunt's family straight from North Carolina had a vacation here in the Philippines. They stayed in our lola's house in Binangonan for one month. In America, summer vacation starts in June and ends in August, that's why they always plan their visit in the month of June. Loaded in their balikbayan box, are some abercrombie and fitch shirts they normally give to us as presents.

In the last week of their stay here, my aunt thought to eat at Dads ultimate buffet in Megamall and the whole family was included. Earlier that day, I ate my small breakfast so my appetite will ramp up for the eat all you can experience later. We went there on a certain weekday morning I couldn't remember and had a reservation in the reception area at Dads.

oops, I wasn't there because I took this shot. hehe

After we were directed to our tables, we wasted no time and grabbed our plates. In Dads, there are two kinds of plate; white and yellow. White plates are for the crossover buffet which includes Dads, Kamayan and Saisaki while yellow plates are only for the Japanese dishes served in Saisaki. Because of that, yellow plates are a lot cheaper than white plates, but it is recommendable because you can find the cuisines you are longing for plus, it will satisfy your food cravings.

I first lined up together with lola in Saisaki. I only scooped 1 cup of rice and some viands so I will not get satiated easily. I totally savored the tempura, yakisoba and the newly introduced flavored sushi because those are my favorites in Saisaki. The miso soup was good also.

We returned to our table to eat and since my braces were newly installed that time, I unhurriedly ate. After you finish your plate, you just have to leave it in your table and get a new one for another round. Only the utensils and glasses are retained.

There is also an acoustic group there who goes around the whole dining area and sings 3 of the guest's requested songs. Giving a tip is not compulsory but if you want to request for more than 3 songs, it depends to your will and somehow shameful if you will not give something.

In my second attack (hehe), I picked up some Pinoy dishes which are always present in town fiestas like lechon kawali, lechon de leche, small crabs, kuhols and etc. The crispness of the lechon kawali skin tested the durability of my metal braces and I was glad it won. This is one of my fave in Kamayan because the pork skin is perfectly fried, with less oil and so tasty.

they were already done and waiting for me

I took a plate of pesto which I totally love ever since, half plate of lasagna, siomai, some chicken dishes and more. I just wanted to get satisfied specially for my appetite (haha) and it was also my lucky chance to integrate more than 10 kinds of food in my plate.

I was the only one left eating, XD

For my desert and final course, I got my halo-halo with overflowing ube and leche flan, cakes, strawberry and chocolate ice cream and colorfully baked brownies. With my slowness in eating, I was the last one to finish but it was self fulfilling. I also remember another lunch at Dads before where I almost vomited everything in my stomach. It was unforgettable because mom and ate were laughing so hard when I was about to throw up.

After writing this, I'm now thinking to eat there again so I gotta ask mom.

Food is really an interesting topic to write about, it feeds both your stomach and brain.

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