Monday, April 23, 2012

Early at Divisoria

I woke up yesterday at 5:30 am because I will accompany my mom in going to Divisoria. After my shower, I drank my black coffee and ate some pandesal. We almost spent an hour waiting for a vacant jeepney bound for Cubao because there were many passengers waiting too. When we finally reached the LRT2 Santolan station, I saw the long lines of passengers from the overpass. It was so ridiculous that I waited so long on a line for security inspection intended for those with baggage even though the line for those without bags seemed shorter. A technical problem occurred earlier which caused a delay in operation so there was a mass of passengers. I didn't take a photo of the crowd because some of them were even hopping mad because of the disorganized ticketing system.

The train we rode was crammed with passengers, I mean, we were packed like sardines. There were also technical errors and interruptions in our travel. I heard a woman in my back grouching about the delay because she will be late in her job. When we alighted at Recto station, we ate in a food kiosk and then headed to Divisoria via jeepney.

sorry for the poor quality, I only took the photos from a cellphone camera.

Mom goes there twice a month to find great buys and suki as well. We just followed her because she already knew the route. The building we entered before Divisoria mall is the linens and garments section. You can see different kinds and colors of fabric such as silks and cottons and the price is going to be per yard measurement. I guess, Taytay, Rizal is still the garment capital of the country because it is cheaper there and the cost depends on a per kilo basis.

we just followed ma

our suki 

When we saw the store, mom ordered what was noted in her list. The owner even complimented that we looked like just siblings. Mom told the owner that we will just come back later to pay and pick it up because we will look for something else in the marketplace. But Nanay favored mom to pay in advance so they can have a "buena mano" and that was what she willingly did.

We explored the linen stores outside of the building. We looked for Gothic-designed linens which were not available in our suki's store. It was so hot that time that my sweat looked like raindrops and the handkerchief was not enough to absorb it all. Wew, it was really stressing.

more fabric stores outside the building

As we walk through the stores, I saw pounds of garbages dumped in the aisle and I actually don't know when it will be removed. It smelled so bad due to rotten foods, plastics and other wastes generated by stores.

We ordered for the designed linen in a certain store. When we were sitting, mom had some conversations with the sellers there. She asked about how long they work in a day and if their meals are free. The seller also revealed that their wages are given yearly but of course they get cash in advance. After paying, we returned to our suki to double check and get the linens. The daughter of our suki asked for my mom's number because she is planning to have a catering for her upcoming wedding this September. She was actually hesitating because of her tight budget but mom showed her suggestive selling techniques.

they have this big calculator,

It was already 12:30 pm when we got inside the train. I knew that I will going to be late in my 1 pm summer class so I was praying for a miracle. But still there were minor delays due to system errors, so I got annoyed. It seemed like it was not permitting me to attend my class. I went straight to school without a shower and without a lunch intake and I missed the quiz, hehe.

You would bear everything, just to buy that low-priced item you wished for.

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