Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Enjoyable Tuesday Night

After the ocular tour in Estuar Farm Resort, I headed straight to another wedding reception which is "Da Kubo". When I got there, I waited with anticipation about the facilities inside. Unfortunately, the caretaker didn't come so I wasn't able to check the place. When there was nothing to do, I together with my friend went to our fave casual dining restaurant, the lately established Shakey's branch (beside Chic-Boy) in Ortigas Extension, Cainta. It was good because we were both hungry when I thought it.

When we got there, our favorite table was unavailable so we looked for another one. Even though the menu was presented, we already knew what to order. Me, I always go for bunch of lunch without a drink but only water. My all-time favorite Shakey's combo which comes with a chicken, slice of pizza, spaghetti pasta, mojos and garlic bread is so inexpensive. If you order that, you would almost savor all of their specialties like pizza, pasta and chicken. It's not satiating at all since it has no rice but you will really enjoy its unique flavor and taste.

the store
We waited only about 5 minutes for our bunch of lunch and a salad, chicken n' pizza. When I saw that the chicken part was wing, I asked her if she could change it to thigh part since it's my fave part. I was lucky because it was changed to thigh. :)

Bunch of Lunch

After serving, we started to eat. All I can say is that their fried chicken has been consistently flavorful, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The hawaiian pizza was baked with less oil and the dough was very chewy. Usually, we order a desert - banana peach surprise which is similar to banana split, but we decided not to eat too much because we will have some frappuccino later. I also recommend to you that delectable banana peach surprise, which is good for 2-3 persons. It includes 5 scoops of ice cream with banana and peach slices.

feedback form

I received a feedback form to be filled up. Since I always find satisfaction with my every visit to Shakey's, I gave them the highest ratings. I received what I paid for and the neatness in the store is regularly maintained so I gave them the rate of 10.

Next, we went to Starbucks in SM Taytay. I ordered for a mocha frappucino which has been my favorite frappuccino blended beverage ever since. This addictive flavor is recommendable to all because the bitterness and sweetness are mildly intertwined. We just stayed there for a while to relax while sipping our cold drinks.

It was about 10 pm when we planned to go home. I had another enjoyable day today, worry-free and happy-go-lucky. But of course, work comes after leisure. Tomorrow, or let's just say few hours from now, I will be tasked with a pile of duties. And to have a balanced life, there should always be work and rest.
I will accompany my mom in going to Divisoria tomorrow because she will buy a lot of linens for sure so I gotta sleep now. hehe

A coffee time is meant for humorous moments and story telling.  :)

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