Monday, May 14, 2012

Back at Dapitan Arcade, Quezon City

One hot afternoon, I instantly decided to go to Dapitan Arcade to spot new centerpieces and metal designs for our business. When I left, I didn't inform my mom about my plan. It rained so hard while I was waiting for a jeepney bound for Cubao. Finally after waiting for 20 minutes, I was lucky and able to rode an unoccupied vehicle. From Cubao, I rode another jeepney going to Quiapo and got off at welcome rotonda, near Burger King. Dapitan is actually within walking distance from there so I just walked.

It was already past 5 pm when I arrived. I first roamed around the whole place. Only few stores were opened maybe because it was just an ordinary day. During ber-months, more individual sellers and sidewalk vendors  come out and asking for tawad becomes easier.

36 inch tall glasses

metal handicrafts

When I was looking for tall glass centerpieces, I sighted metal handicrafts in the shape of animals. Those were the same crafts we have in my school. The owner also sells 36 inch tall glass centerpieces for 530 pesos each. He even offered me a 30 peso discount for wholesale buying but that was not what I was looking for at all. The prices of things here are a way cheaper compared to native boutiques in malls plus there is a wide array of designs, colors and sizes to choose from. You can also send your own style to them if you want to customize or personalize a handicraft like for example a lantern or metal work. Tiffany chairs which are used in corporate or formal events are largely sold here on a per hundred order.

I met and talked to a dealer who processes tall glass vases and metal decorations and inquired about the price of my desired height of tall glass per piece. The cost is quite reasonable so he can be our potential supplier. I also had with me my sketched style of the tall glass but he said that it is only possible for a per thousand order. I asked for his contact number for early orders.

You can also find more stores in the arcade selling lanterns and porcelain figures. I liked the Japanese inspired lanterns sold in almost every stall. Those were not displayed the last time we went there, maybe new concepts. I thought of buying one to add in our buffet centerpiece collection. The two lanterns we have in the business made from tree vines were bought from Tiendesitas and so far, I can say that Dapitan is the first specialty market to sell these kinds of design.


isn't it cool?

One of the most dominant items are the jars and fountains. They sell wooden or ceramic types of fountains and jars in different sizes. Since it is said that these home decorations attract good fortune for the family and the water that flows through every layer is tranquilizing, many approaching buyers purchase for home display. Other items are even imported from Asia so they are somehow costly compared to those locally produced.

The last thing to look for was the ready-made gazebo which is used as tent dressed up with linens and provides shades for the wedding couple throughout the ceremony. When I entered a certain passage inside the arcade, I sighted a shop which markets different metal works. I checked the metal centerpieces for the state-of-the-art ideas but those were the old designs that I've seen before.

Those centerpieces are tall candelabras. It is also displayed in restaurants, store boutiques, offices and even homes for added adornment. For us, we put candles inside during catered night events to make the venue conducive to enchantment and make it romantic. I also noticed new styles of dove cages with stand in various color shades. The price ranges from P1,000 to P2,500. Our fancy dove cage is still in its good quality so it will take a year and a half before we replace it.

They also fabricate gazebo and arches used in weddings and debuts. I saw their sample arch which was simple but classic for P2,000. I also asked for the calling card so I can call him right away if we will be needing a gazebo. Actually, we already have a steady and standing one but I want to incorporate some designs and to make it as sturdy as a tree, just kidding. The seller said that I can also present him my own outline of the structure and he can imitate it. He wasn't able to give an estimated amount of the gazebo so I still need to think twice.

You should try to visit here and see it for yourself. Buying an item that is really meant for you is a great experience. Aside from the low-priced merchandises, the friendly sellers will make your shopping really enjoyable. After all my inquiries, I planned to go home. I dropped by at burger king to eat for awhile before walking the over pass.

the last supper image sold in Dapitan

Find the suppliers of mall products and buy from them because they sell it cheaper.
That's what you call wise buying.

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