Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kulitan Time with Ralf, My Younger Brother

I was sleeping this morning when Ralf, our 3 and a half year old bunso yelled at me just to tell something unimportant. Mama and I will go to Megamall, as what he said and because I was still burned out due to yesterday's catering event, I didn't find interest to join. I asked what he will do there and he replied that he will play and buy something. I jokingly said if he will take me along because I wanna go out too but he refused, so I greatly tickled him, hehe.

Before they left, Ralf woke me up again just to say bye bye. He becomes excited always when going to malls as if it's his first time ever. You should also manage your words to him and make it happen like buying him toy cars or going to SM, because he is good in remembering promises and easily gets tantrums. Everytime we're in the mall, he used to desire for a new toy car even though he has quantities of that at home. Sometimes, we just ridiculously present some things to him just to take his attentiveness away from toys. When we are in world of fun or in any amusement establishment, we play in basketball and car racing machines and I'm telling you, he is good in maneuvering the steering wheel even though he is just a 3 year old kid. What's funny also is that he used to play in bigger basketball machines which are intended for adults rather than in smaller ones, hehe.

When he was just a toddler practicing with his walker, he had an accident. He fell from it and stumbled to the ground. I got blamed because I had watched TV instead of supervising him. Specially mom, she was bad-tempered and acted so crazy. Miraculously, he had no serious injuries other than a bump, maybe because it was Good Friday when it happened.

He has been hospitalized two times because of urinary track infection. A diaper was also wrapped around his dextrose injection to be secured from being removed. He found it difficult to thumbsuck with his right hand because the dextrose was injected there. When he was discharged, he promised to piss regularly but until now, sometimes, he still resists from urinating, hehe.

I had my lunch with ate when I woke up at past 2 in the afternoon. After washing the plates, I lay back to bed just to relax. It was almost 5 pm when mom and Ralf came from Megamall. I easily went down to see and tickle him again. He looks so cute especially when he is calling from a far. I saw with him a sticko wafer sticks pack and a piatos. I didn't stop hugging him for about a minute because I felt to be addicted with his baby smell, so his laugh was so extensive.

me and Ralf

As a part of his everyday routine, he asked mom if they can go around our street and accompany him while biking. Every morning and late afternoon, he goes around our street with his bike or car and mingles with  other kids in our subdivision so his skin gets darker and darker.

When they got back, we prepared for the dinner. Ralf lay down on the sofa to have his thumbsuck for awhile but when we called him to eat, he was already sleeping.

Tomorrow for sure is another day to him for an energetic and playful approach./

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